Uro is an Environment, 3D Model artist, software coder and an avid gamer!

Uro has created and contributed to a large number of community mods over the years and has been creating content and modding games since modding was born, all the way back when Doom sprung into life and FPS became a genre.

Uro is involved with a lot of community modders and their content, this involvement goes from giving advice & helping people understand concepts, code, all the way up to creating evironments, 3D models and 2D content.

UroGaming -[UG]-
-[UG]- is a multi-national gaming group which was formed by a like minded group of gamers in 2011.

-[UG]- began as a group of random players who liked playing the same types of games, primarily in the survival and military shooter genres, with games such as Arma, Battlefield and Warcraft. those genres along with some of the great mods for them such as DayZMod and its derivatived brought us together.

During this journey we have collected members from across the globe, while we are a small close-knit group, we like a laugh and are down for just about anything!

We used to operate our own public server infrastructure, running multiple game servers for our members and joe public to play on, due to a change in the gammes we play and game developers not allowing publicly operated servers with some titles we decided to close our public servers. This gave us time to get back to the thing that brought us all together - Gaming!

These days we play a whole bunch of titles spanning a raft of genres from FPS, RTS, RPG, MMORPG, MOPBA, Simulations and more!