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Arma 3 Helpers

Documents and snippets of information relative to the Arma 3 video game franchise
Arma 3 Asset Library A gitpage static site I created which displays all of the non-library assets in the Arma 3 game. The core website is created using PHP for data handling and dynamic page creation which is then exported into pure HTML5
DayZ-Epoch DayZ-Epoch mod for Arma 2, where I contributed bug-fixes and code updates to game functions, config file and SQL Database maintenance.
Epoch Survival Game Mode for Arma 3 I did not contribute directly to this repo, however I supported the developers by operating alpha server's on their behalf by reporting issues, reporting debug data and helping them to refine their code prior to publicly releasing their project.
iniDBi A forked repository where I updated the repo codebase to VS2015, enabled x64 compile options and compiled updated DLL's for x86 and x64 which coincided with x64 availability of the Arma 3 game engine. This enabled many community projects to use their content with the x64 game engine.

Outside of GitHub Uro has contributed to many other projects.

Many of those projects are within the bounds of private repositories, are under non-disclosure agreements or are part of projects which for various reasons shall never be made public.